Research & Development

MARS Antenna Engineering and R&D Departments consists of more than 20 highly dedicated qualified antennas & RF engineers.
MARS has 3 development teams that perform parallel antennas development according to the company marketing demands and customers demands (under development contracts).
MARS offers its customers customized Antennas & RF Systems Solution and being an integral part of customer's application development process.
Some of MARS outstanding designs were the first in the market and are still uncontested.
MARS’s engineering and R&D Department has two antennas anechoic chamber (one internal and one external) and also tests equipment including a large number of network analyzers and testing devices.
The internal anechoic chamber includes a quiet area of over six feet over 20dB at 800MHz absorption and above 30dB in frequency over 1GHz.
MARS possesses in-house internal anechoic chamber allowing for assurance of the highest level of developed products and assuring the highest level of quality control.

MARS development methodology:
• Using simulation workstations (CST software).
• Proto-type printed circuit board construction by using 5 mm accuracy.
• Proto-type precise coordination at dedicated room.
• Development stage documentation and drawings.
• Development verification testing in both internal/external anechoic chamber and the conditions environmental laboratory.
• Production portfolio manufacturing.

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