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MARS GPS Re-Radiating System

MARS GPS Re-Radiating System is repeater kit to provide wireless indoor good GPS signal.

This kit consists of three main components: outdoor active antenna, re-radiating amplifier (repeater) and indoor antenna.

MARS GPS System provides a cost effective solution for enhancing GPS communication in showrooms, car parks, trains, buses, GPS service centers etc.

System components feature small size and are easy to install.

Additional features:

  • High rejection.
  • DC feeder for outdoor GPS antenna.
  • Special Mount.
  • Cable lengths are available on request.
arrow MR-RRA30-1


Frequency Range1575.42±2 MHz1575.42±2 MHz1575.42±2 MHz
Gain25 (Ampl.)35---
VSWR, max.2:12:12:1
StandartsActive GPS Antenna MA-GP15-3 (outdoor)Re-Radiating AmplifierMR-RRA30GPS AntennaMA-EG15-2P (indoor)
PolarizationRHCP, ---, RHCP
Input Impedance50
Noise Figure (Amp)1.6 (Ampl.), 1, ---
Filtering, typ.---, 40 @ ± 50MHz, ---
Gain of Antenna Element @ Zenith, dBic2.0 min (-10 min at 0° elevation), ---, 2.0 min
Output IP3, dBm---, 32, ---
Adjustable Gain, dB---, 30, ---
Weight500 gr., 150 gr., 60 gr.
ConnectorN-type Female, SMA Famle, SMA Male
Dimensions (HxDia.)170 mm (diameter); 100 mm (height)80 x 70 x 35 mm40 x 45 x 15 mm
Operating Temperature Range-30°C to +50°C, -10°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C

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