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Dual Active Reject Filter

MARS Dual Active Reject Filter (DARF) provides a cost effective solution for eliminating interfering signals within the cellular frequency band (over 30 dB rejection).

The full system consists of a 19" mountable rack unit that supports up to three dual reject filter modules (see picture), while each module handles one sector.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency agile.
  • Operates with RX and diversity antenna.
arrow MR-DARF-XX


Frequency Range825-835 MHz
GAIN3 dB (min.) to 7 dB (max.)
IF Frequency86 MHz
Band Reject (-3 dB)≤ 150 KHz
Band Reject (-30 dB)≥ 50 KHz (±5%) non Symmetrical
Null Depth, min.40 dB
Noise Figure, max.6 dB
Input Intercept Points IP3≥ -2 dBm
1 dB Compression Point≥ -12 dBm
Overall Gain over Frequency Band3 (+3 dB / -2 dB)
Gain Tracking over Frequency Band≤ 3 +1 dB
Indicators (Led)Lock Detection, DC
Tuning Step Conversion25 KHz
DC Voltage27 V
DC Current, max.600 mA
ConnectorN-Type, Female/Male
MountFree Standing
Dimensions19” Box
DC ConnectorTerminal Block
Operating Temperature Range-10°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature Range-10°C to +60°C

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