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Multi Band Panel Antenna

Up-To-Date Multi Band Panel Antenna covers all the bands for 2G, 2.5G and 3G cellular, as well as ISM, WLAN and Bluetooth.

The antenna is aesthetic, small and has unobtrusive profile that blends easily with any environment.

The antenna can be easily used either for Indoor or Outdoor Applications and features different mounting options.

Antenna is designed to include DC Return Option which is available on request.


The model is available in the iBwave Database.

For further information click here or go to iBwave website

arrow MA-CL67-15


Frequency Range806-960 MHz1.71-2.17 GHz2.2-2.7 GHz
Gain8.5 dBi7.5-10 dBi5-6.5 dBi
VSWR, max.2 : 11.7 : 11.9 : 1 @ 2.2-2.5 GHz2.1 : 1 @ 2.5-2.7 GHz
3 dB Beam-Width, H-Plane, typ.75°60°50°
StandartsSMR, AMPS, CDMA, TDMA, GSM 900PCS, DECT, GSM 1900, UMTSBluetooth, ISM, WLAN
PolarizationLinear, Vertical
Input power, max50 Watt
Input Impedance50 Ohm
Dimensions (HxWxD)231 x 215 x 37.5 mm (9.1" × 8.5" × 1.5")
Weight500 gr.
ConnectorN-Type, Female at bottom (can be installed also upside down)
Back PlaneUV Protected Plastic (metal reinforced from the inside)
RadomeUV Protected Polycarbonate
MountSee Ordering Options
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +65°C
VibrationAccording to IEC 60721-3-4
Wind Load200 km/h (survival)
Water ProofingIP-65
HumidityETS 300 019-1-4, EN 302 085 (annex A.1.1)
Salt FogAccording to IEC 68-2-11
Ice and Snow25 mm radial (survival)

Ordering Options

MA-CL67-15Without DC Return - Wall Mountable (MA-CL67-15)
MA-CL67-15BWith DC Return - Az/El Adjustable MNT-22 Mount (MA-CL67-15T)
MA-CL67-15TWithout DC Return - Wall Mountable (MA-CL67-15B)
MA-CL67-15TBWith DC Return - Az/El Adjustable MNT-22 Mount (MA-CL67-15TB)

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